Gus Pietri

Gustavo is a businessman with an extensive career in the financial market. Entrepreneur with a clear business vision. He has owned restaurants in Maryland included in the top 100 in the state. He has reched important achievements as a wine importer, among other activities.
Gustavo has an extensive career in sales and business development at a national and international level. An integral executive within the organizations to which he has belonged. He currently resides in South Florida and his passion for helping others and making a difference has led him to create Colibri Hammocks.

JJ Monsant

JJ was born in Brazil to Venezuelan parents, part of his childhood was spent between Venezuela and Colombia. He studied marketing and communications in Costa Rica and Paraguay. After a brief stay in Boston, he decides to visit his father who worked in El Salvador; that visit turned into a 22-year stay. He worked for various media in the commercial and marketing area (TV, newspapers and magazines) developing important and effective operations in Central America and the Caribbean.
Father of two beautiful Salvadorans, JJ is an extract of different cultures. His attraction to hammocks stems from his trips to Masaya-Nicaragua, when he started a business to pay for college and parties. He currently resides in Miami-Florida. And his passion for hammocks and Central America is just beginning...

He loves to dive, he is a PADI Divemaster.
Likes to ride a bike on the beach
Rock and concert fan

One Love!

Our Partners

For over 30 years, Turtle Island Restoration Network has been a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife through grassroots empowerment, consumer action, hands-on restoration, and environmental education. From the coastal waters of California and Texas to the beaches of Costa Rica, Turtle Island Restoration Network fights to save marine species, protect critical habitats, combat climate change, end plastic addiction, and expose seafood hazards. To learn more about our work and our impact, visit us at