About Colibri

As is the case with many, the COVID-19 pandemic inspired us to do
something different with our work life. We wanted to make a positive impact on
the world while promoting health and wellness with our company.  It was in
this spirit that Colibri Hammocks was established. 

 Our passion is to promote healing of the mind, body and soul
through relaxation. A Colibri Hammock provides one with a comfortable and
aesthetically pleasing environment to encourage peace and functional wellness.  

Our Partner

We enjoy the privilege of working with the best hammock creators in the global marketplace.  They are located in El Salvador and are comprised primarily of local artisans who use techniques that have been
passed from generation to generation. All of our products are handmade, high quality, exclusive designs.  Colibri Hammocks contributes to the development of their communities while maintaining
sustainable growth and Fair Trade guidelines for a better, healthier world with shared awareness of man and nature. 

 "Swing like a Colibri" by visiting our online shop
filled with a large variety of unique, traditional, and modern hammocks!


Gus Pietri and JJ Monsant.